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The Nest Egg experience is designed to be easy. Whether you are saving for retirement or looking to accomplish any other financial goal, Nest Egg is here to help. As a planning based platform, Nest Egg will continuously monitor your portfolio to keep you aligned with your goals and objectives.

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“Nest Egg at Community State Bank has simplified the investing and financial planning process. With Nest Egg advisors just a few clicks away, our customers can set their financial goals, build a plan to reach it and invest in a portfolio that is best suited for their needs.”
– Patrick Sloan, Program Manager

What’s your Nest Egg number?

The Nest Egg approach to investing is based on a Monte Carlo™ simulation that calculates the probability of reaching your financial goals. Using your answers to a short series of questions, Nest Egg is able to determine your risk-tolerance level and assign you a corresponding Nest Egg number. This number, combined with your investment objective, enables Nest Egg to create a comprehensive investment plan and assist you in achieving your financial goals.

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Investing made easy.

  • Portfolio Selection: Your Nest Egg number will allow us to assign you a portfolio tailored to your investment objective. For example, a higher number signifies higher risk—but a greater potential for reward.
  • Monte Carlo Simulation: We run a probability analysis to provide realistic expectations for your investments as you work toward reaching your financial goals.
  • Ongoing Management: Nest Egg will monitor your account and rebalance quarterly to keep your portfolio aligned with your financial goals. If Nest Egg sees you are falling short of your goals, we will recommend additional contributions.

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Have more questions? We are here to help! Part of making investing easy is providing you with the guidance necessary to keep you aligned with your financial goals. Simply schedule a consultation to take the next step toward securing your financial future.